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Our engineers often use auto-generation and parameterization techniques of 3D, which significantly shorten the time needed for designing.


Continuous expansion of knowledge and skills through continuous training process.

We have customers
in all Europe

We are able to lead and implement projects on-site for the client as well as to accept and perform projects in our office.


The company was founded in response to the ever increasing demand of the sector for highly specialized industrial engineering staff who specialize in the product development and optimization. Fully professional and flexible team of engineers designs, develops and adapts products to customer while maintaining the highest applicable technical standards.

Our staff has experience in various industries such as:
automotive, aircraft engineering, railway.


GROS Engineering is a provider of comprehensive engineering services to our clients all over Europe. We participate actively in every stage of making a product, starting from the concept phase, research, design, to development and implementation of the product. High quality requirements posed by our clients and the maintenance of reasonable costs of the undertaking are determinants of our professional approach towards our clients’ needs, which also give our employees chances to improve their skills.

The knowledge and skills gained by our staff during the implementation of projects for the European leaders are important and strong points of our Company. The standards and technical solutions proposed by GROS Engineering are widely used in the products developed for our clients.

Production systems

for manual and automated production lines.

Surface components

modeling like Interior and Exterior, plastic and steel components.

Welded components

and large steel structural work.

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